Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Use set forth the legally binding terms and conditions for the use of the services offered by OOO Wi2Geo (Wi2Geo LLC; hereinafter referred to as the «Company» or «Wi2Geo») which owns the website of gvidi.me and operates under the trademark of «Gvidi». The Company reserves the right to modify or replace these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. The effective Terms of Use are published at http://gvidi.me/agreement/. Failure to comply with the Terms of Use may result in the termination of registration.

2. Description of Services

Gvidi is a social networking, recommendations service providing its users with the opportunity to select cafes, bars, restaurants and other food service companies in the city environment with the help of mobile devices, which allows the users to get personalized advice regarding food locations around on the basis of private preferences of each certain user, search for places, plan routes, and communicate with friends (hereinafter collectively referred to as the «Services»). To access Gvidi, special client applications (hereinafter referred to as the «Software») are used. After registering in Gvidi, each user gets the software required for the system's operation.

3. Registration

To create an account, the user should register with Gvidi and verify the data submitted. The user must provide reliable, complete and relevant personal information by filling in the relevant application fields, with the obligation to keep the registration data up-to-date. If any reasons to suspect that the information provided by the user is not complete, reliable or relevant emerge, Gvidi has the right to remove or block (suspend access to) the user’s account. Users under 18 years old may register only under the supervision of one of their parents or tutors-at-law; in this case, additional actions may be required to verify the age.

4. Responsibility and Indemnification Disclaimer

The user shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Gvidi, the Company, their affiliates, subdivisions, subsidiaries, employees, agents, as well as co-owners of the trademark, and other partners from any third party claims, including legal expenses, that arise from and/or relate to the use of the services offered by Gvidi, violation of these Terms of Use, or infringement of other rights of any person or entity, regardless of whether the user is a registered user or not. Users are solely responsible and liable while using the Services, including but not limited to paying Internet access fees during such a use.

5. Special Terms for International Use of Services

Acknowledging the international nature of the Internet, the user takes the responsibility for abiding by all applicable local laws and regulations related to the user’s activity in the Internet.

6. General Provisions for Use of Services and Information Storage

The user acknowledges that Gvidi reserves the right, if necessary, to send him or her email notifications related to his or her use of the Services. However, Gvidi will never request in these messages to confirm any information, containing personal information or data related to access to users’ accounts. The user also agrees and confirms that Gvidi may impose additional restrictions to use the Services and modify such restrictions at any time. Users also agree that by transmitting any information directly to the Company, and/or through Gvidi services and/or its servers, they hereby grant the Company all sole, exclusive and non-exclusive rights to use, copy, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, and otherwise fully exploit such information.

7. Modification of Terms of Use

Gvidi reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the Terms of Use or any part of them, or even terminate (temporarily or permanently) access to the Services or any part of them at any time without prior notification. Users also agree that Gvidi shall not be liable for any modification of, restriction of, or termination of access to the Services before any user and/or third parties.

8. Services Resale Ban

The user shall not reproduce, copy, duplicate, create derivative works or adaptations of, sell, trade, resell, or in any other way exploit the Services or any of their part, access to, or use of the Services.

9. Account Termination

The user agrees that Gvidi, at its sole discretion, may terminate the user’s account, replace or remove any content within the Services, with any cause, including but not limited to the disuse of the Services or if the user is suspected to violate the letter or the spirit of the Terms of Use. In this case, any verbal, written or implied agreements related to the user’s account also lapse, at Gvidi’s sole discretion. Also, Gvidi may terminate the user’s access to all or any part of the Services at any time without prior notification. The user agrees that according to these Terms of Use Gvidi may restrict his or her access to the Services without prior notification, and acknowledges Gvidi may suspend, deactivate or remove the user’s account or terminate the user’s access to it at any time. The user agrees that AlterGeo shall not be liable for the restriction or termination of access to the Services before the user or any third parties. No fee paid by the user hereunder for the use of paid services is refundable.

10. Advertisements

The user understands and agrees that all or any of the Services may be accompanied with advertisements and that such advertising is necessary for Gvidi to offer the Services. The user also shall not restrict the demonstration of such advertisements by modifying HTML/CSS or by any other means. By using the Services, the user acknowledges that Gvidi has the right to publish such advertisements without prior notification or any indemnity to the user or other users. The Company, at its sole discretion, may determine and modify the nature of publication and number of advertisements in Gvidi. Correspondence and business relations with advertisers or participation in advertising activities held by advertisers through the Services (including payments, delivery, conditions, warranties and presentations of respective goods or services, mentioned within or found as a result of such relations) bear rights and obligations between the use and the advertiser only. The user agrees that Gvidi is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from the user’s interaction with advertisers and/or presence of advertisements in the Services.

11. Links

The Services, as well as the websites and third party resources related to Gvidi may contain links to other websites or resources. Due to the fact that these other websites and resources are not under Gvidi's control, the user acknowledges and agrees that Gvidi is not responsible or liable for the operability of these websites or resources, as well as their content, advertisements, data, goods and services available at such websites and resources. The user also agrees that Gvidi shall not be responsible and shall not assume direct or indirect obligations for any potential or accrued damage or loss related to any content, goods or services available on or received through such websites or resources.

12. Property of Gvidi

The user acknowledges and agrees that the Services and any Software used to provide them may contain confidential or other information which is a property (i.e. a know-how) protected by the acting laws and regulations in the field of protection of intellectual property, rights of ownership, and so on. The whole programme code and specifications of Gvidi, as well as other programme codes and specifications for the Software and functioning of the Services, are the subjects of the respective licenses. The user also acknowledges and agrees that the content of advertisements or data obtained during the process of providing the Services are protected by law of copyright and allied rights, trademarks and service marks, patents, licenses and relevant laws and regulations in the field of property protection. The user shall not modify, let on lease or rent, sell, concede, pledge, change or make derivative works of the Services, services or Software, or their parts, except as expressly authorized by Gvidi or the advertiser. Gvidi shall not perform any activity aimed at obtaining any confidential or owned information from the user via the website or email, except for the information required to maintain the operability of Gvidi. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, any data, ideas and information the user transmitted to Gvidi in any way may be distributed or used by Gvidi and its affiliates for any purposes, including but not limited to the development, production and marketing of products, without any indemnity or liability before the user.

13. Warranty Disclaimer

The user understands and acknowledges the following completely. (a) The user uses the Services entirely at the user’s own risk. The Services are provided «as is» and «as available». Gvidi especially stresses that there are no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of service quality, appropriateness of the Services to one or another purpose, or non-infringement. (b) Gvidi does not guarantee that: (1) the Services will meet the user’s requirements; (2) the Services will be errorless, secure, and provided without interruption and at the time needed; (3) the data received as a result of using the Services will truthful or reliable; (4) the quality of any goods, services, information and other data received or purchased by the user through the Services will meet the user’s expectations; (5) any errors in the Software will be fixed; (c) the user downloads and otherwise receives any data during the use of the Services at the user’s own risk; the user is solely responsible for any damage of the user’s computer, loss of data, and other consequences; (d) no recommendations or data the user received from Gvidi verbally or in writing, or by means of the Services, impose any warranties on the Company except for those described in the Terms of Use.

14. Limitation of Liability

The user completely understands and acknowledges that Gvidi shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, deliberate, consequential or imposed-as-a-punishment damage, including but not limited to the loss of anticipated profits, damage arisen from the use of Gvidi, loss of data, or any other non-material losses, as well as reputation and other damage (even if Gvidi was notified of a possibility of such a damage), appearing as a result of: (a) the use of or impossibility to use the Services; (b) modification of the Terms of Use, and receipt of data in exchange for those acquired through or by means of the Services, or as a result of deals closed, as well as messages and information received from or by means of the Services; (c) unauthorized access to the user’s data, or modification of the data transmitted by the user or stored on Gvidi's server; (d) statements or behaviour of any person or entity within the framework of the Services; (e) any other case related to the Services provided.

15. Modifications

Gvidi reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise the Terms of Use, and thus to modify the information on this page, at any time. By using the Services, the user agrees that all the changes to the Terms of Use are applicable to the user from the time they are published on this page. The user must visit this page regularly to learn the actual conditions of the Terms of Use.

16. Location

Gvidi needs to access your location data in order to provide you with the most useful and efficient location-aware services. This will allow Gvidi to give you personalized recommendations regarding restaurants, cafes, bars and other food venues nearby, and enable the location search engine, route planning, table booking, discount offering, and social networking opportunities. There are two ways for Gvidi to obtain your location data. 1) Gvidi receives location data from the Location Service API in order to provide you with the above-stated opportunities. These data will not be stored, published or otherwise disclosed to third parties. You may allow the application to access your current location data and make the most of Gvidi’s features by pressing «Allow». You may disable this in your profile settings at any time to prevent Gvidi from tracing your location. 2) You can submit your location data by yourself (i.e. specify where you are at a certain moment). It happens every time you check in at one or another place. Gvidi will process this information in order to show you the list of nearby places and all available details about them. By submitting your location data this way (i.e. by checking in) you agree that both other users of Gvidi who have checked in next door and your friends may learn at which place you are at the moment (e.g. they can see it in their news feeds). You may skip this function by not checking in at the places you visit; as a result of doing so, Gvidi will not receive your location data in this way, and consequently, it will not be able to get (and thus transmit or publish) them.

17. Usage of Personal Information

When you authorize through social networks we ask access for the following information: your email, your name, your gender, your birthday and your friendlist. We use your email, name and gender in order to create your user profile. Your birthday may be used in our data personalization algorithms as we strive to provide personalized recommendations. We use list of your friends in order to hone recommendations so that we may create a social experience in Gvidi application.